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About TripPal

We invented TripPal to make your journey a little easier,
check out more awesome features in the video.

About HybridFlex

Made from patent pending HybridFlex dual layer polyurethane, Trippal is perfectly combining firm core and soft cushioning to produce a blend that is comfy, supportive, lightweight and flexible.

Main Features

Neck Support

Relieve you from muscle strain no more neck pain

Chin Support

Closed end chin support,no more nodding off

Slim Back

Slim back design, hold your neck up


TripPal is made with human body in mind, each part is ingeniously engineered to fit your body curve thus to provide firm and secure support.

Ice-Cool Fabric

Selected Ice-Cool lining that provides fine and cool touch to your skin, no more itching, hot and moisture

Air Track

AirTrack that can wick moisture and heat, maintain good ventilation around your neck

Wouldn't it be nice to have a refreshing nap on the go?
No neck pains, no backaches, no headaches.
TripPal exist to make your journey a little bit more enjoyable.
Made with innovative HybridFlex Polyurethane, it is able to provide 360 degree firm and comfortable support to your neck whenever you want a good rest, sleep tight, travel with TripPal.

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